The Fish We Seek

Chinook Salmon

Spring Chinook: The premier eating salmon. Hard fighting, 15-30#; just the best.  

Fall “Trophy Chinook”: The King of the Salmon, 20-60#; average is around 25-45#.  Very hard fighting and fit not only to eat but also to put on the wall. 

Coho Salmon

Ocean Coho:  Lots of these. Very aggressive, 5-20#; very acrobatic. Super on the BQ.   


Winter Steelhead: These ocean-going rainbow trout are amazing fighters and jumpers. For the winter fisherman these raft trips are great fun. We go where most “Drift Boats” dare not go! 

Pacific Halibut

Halibut: A unique fishery here in Oregon, where we target fish in 30 to 50 feet of water and land them on salmon-style tackle.

“Oregon is blessed with many good fishing guides, a few of whom have even been around as long as John Krauthoefer. Fewer yet offer John's combination of immaculate, seaworthy boat and equipment, a 24-7 sense of safety, glib, articulate personality and, best of all, his unheralded and incredible success rate for clients.” —Bill Monroe,Oregonian Columnist

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